Lower Workers Compensation Claims with Eye. Protection

Employee who are out in the bright sun all day, work on computers for hours, or work under artificial lighting will experience headaches, double or blurred vision, dizziness, or eye strain. This leads to accidents in the workplace and more workers compensation claims. The combination costs businesses thousands of dollars each year. That can be avoided with protective eyewear.

Blue Light

Blue light, also known as high energy visibility (HEV) light, is responsible for many temporary conditions that affect employees and productivity. These symptoms are collectively known as Computer Vision Syndrome. That term is misleading because the symptoms can also be caused by falling asleep watching television, checking emails and social media pages right before bed time, or being outside without sunglasses.

This light occurs naturally via sunlight, but exposure is also caused by screens. Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and even playing video games for hours at a time expose the eyes to this blue light. The result of that behavior is an interruption of sleeping patterns because blue light also suppresses the release of melatonin. This is the hormone in the body that helps people get to sleep.

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Computer Glasses

Computer glasses, or blue light blocking glasses, are designed to prevent symptoms. One company, Spektrum Glasses, created patented Prospek lenses to block fifty percent of blue light. They also have a line that blocks up to ninety-nine percent of blue light. Distinctive designer frames are available in a wide variety. Most glasses are made and sold to other businesses to protect the eyes of employees. There is a business to business (B2B) form on the website to provide businesses with excellent pricing.

There are wholesale programs as well for retailers interested in carrying these glasses in stores. Checkout the website for more information regarding wholesale pricing. Glasses can also be purchased by individuals for personal use. They are affordable and can be custom ordered to include prescription lenses.

Many Options

The Prospek-50 line includes frames for kids, reading styles, magnifiers, and clip-ones, along with the designer frames. The Prospek-99 line blocks most blue light for those who spend long hours looking at computer screens or other devices. Lumina night driving glasses and Mira polarized sunglasses are also available online.


Full returns can be made for up to ninety days from order date, except prescription glasses. A three-hundred and sixty-five day warranty comes with all purchases. Shipping is a low flat rate so total costs remain low.

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